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4 Security Priorities Every Business Should Know for 2022 – 2023

How well businesses link the protection of tangible assets with the protection of intangible parts of company value will have a big impact on the efficacy of corporate security in 2022-2023. The majority of businesses have a wide range of specialized defense mechanisms. Unifying, aligning, and integrating management of these numerous protection-related operations is today's problem, with an emphasis on supporting innovation rather than slowing down company.

Here are the top 4 Security Priorities Every Business Should know for 2022 – 2023

Priority #1: A broad-based approach to protection that fosters Innovation in Security

Today's corporate security responsibility silos are a major contributor to unidentified vulnerabilities and unabated threats. One of the names the industry is giving to a solution—referring to a company-wide integrated effort to mitigate security-related risk—is enterprise security risk management (ESRM). It is seen by many business leaders as the cornerstone of a more strategic and proactive approach

to corporate security.

When a company manages security threats in isolation within specific enterprise functions—rather than addressing them from a comprehensive perspective—an organi­zation can’t accurately set priorities or focus investment on the risks most capable of doing harm, and it can’t leverage full value from the protection investments it makes. The same is true for management of specific areas of risk: coordination is critical.

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Priority #2: Incorporating customer experience into the physical security sector

Physical security sales are increasingly understood to be ong

oing endeavors. The customer journey evolves along with the complexity of technology in gadgets. Selling a consumer a system of technology and having it installed for them is no longer sufficient. Intelligent integrators and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are taking care of the customer experience in ways that just weren't possible a decade ago by managing the device lifecycles and customer journeys.

Quantal Security SAAS is a fully featured site & asset management tool. Users may design a system based on their security concerns in significantly greater detail and in a visual manner that makes it easier to track down exactly which devices are needed for updates and where those devices are in a factory, plant, office, building, or inventory location.

Priority #3: Particularly in access control, mobility and touchless are domi


Touchless and mobile-first solutions continue to receive a lot of attention, particularly in the context of access control systems. Mobile credentials have begun to take the place of traditional room keys in the majority of the country's main hotel chains, workspaces & offices.

The existing system, in which only specific authorities are permitted in certain areas on a given day, has its own set of security issues. The increasingly complex access control requirements of large campuses and enterprises are not immediately addressed by touchless systems and smart sensors, which merely make life more convenient.

Intelligent design technologies can significantly lessen the difficult

ies of managing, budgeting for, and installing this important aspect of physical security.

Priority #4: Flexible and agile security alliances

Today's era has highlighted the necessity for organizations to scale up and down security to respond to risks as they arise and avoid idly investing in security equipment that might not be required once events pass or threats abate.

Future corporate performance is increasingly dependent on how quickly an organization can adapt to shifting market dynamics. Business leaders are putting more and more emphasis on responding quickly to changing market conditions and adapting to them, thus they want partnerships that enable agile security to do so. Security must keep up with the fast pace of business.

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