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Data & Analytics in Security & Video Monitoring 2023

The security sector has changed significantly over the past 20 years, moving away from closed analog systems, security solutions that can take advantage of analytics and machine learning. This has improved our ability to use systems "smarterly" in order to boost overall security and gather business intelligence.

Although video analytics is not a new skill, its importance in today's technologically dependent society is becoming more and more clear. Since more people are looking for cameras to analyze more scenarios in more settings, more data is being gathered and needs to be processed and reviewed.

Managing data is one thing, but using that data to draw meaningful conclusions and then act on those insights is quite another. And this is where analytics and machine learning can free up human operators from some of this work.

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Analytics enables computers to complete tasks that would typically be handled by people more effectively. As an illustration, analytics can assist network cameras in automatically reviewing large amounts of data and narrowing it down to just the necessary information—a task that would typically take a person hours to complete.

With machine learning, we can expand on this idea by instructing a computer what to look for in order to improve the analytical process and more precisely capture a particular type of event. Once this algorithm is refined, it simply behaves based on the updated programming.

Making use of analytics to boost security

To help them justify the costs of their security program as a whole, more people are looking for ways to improve the value of their surveillance system. Accountants frequently only view it as an expense center. Analytics can assist in altering that mindset by generating data and metrics. Businesses have a better chance of responding promptly to an incident, preventing an intruder from entering, and enhancing overall security the more information they have to proactively assess a situation in real-time.

Consider a retail store as an illustration. Analytics can be used with network cameras to analyze the amount of time someone lingers by a product or display—also known as “dwell time”—and alert security if that person loiters for too long. The staff can then watch the issue unfold in real time and determine whether to take action. Making proactive measures can assist retailers in lowering shoplifting and increasing revenue.

Taking this a step further, network solutions can provide staff with the knowledge they require to suggest methods to strengthen security in particular sections of the store if shoplifting is a persistent problem. This could take the shape of a larger personnel presence or the relocation of expensive things.

Quantal AI SAAS can be instructed to either look for people, only look for cars, or both. The application doesn't only notice and react, though. It also learns about the environment. It can distinguish between day and night in a few of days, and it uses this knowledge to refine its performance so that it can function at its best in any lighting. Furthermore, by ignoring additional items like moving plants or animals, the application reduces false alarms.

Increasing company intelligence by using analytics

Analytics, can assist businesses in learning more about their customers' in-store activity in addition to security. This program is integrated with a network camera that is put on the ceiling and placed directly above doors and hallways. It essentially transforms the camera into a cutting-edge sensor that can assist in analyzing the movement of traffic during specific hours of the day. As a result, this might aid retailers in better assessing the results of their advertising and promotions or help them decide how best to staff their floor.

It will be crucial to keep challenging traditions and seeking for new methods to re-imagine security and business optimization as the world—and the demands of those within it—develop. The cutting-edge Quantal Physical SAAS Application Platform lives and evolves

Developers can create applications for devices on the open application framework. Customers and integrators don’t have to worry about whether or not the manufacturer they work with develops the analytics they need—Quantal SAAS works with everyone to ensure their security or business challenges are always met. Quantal SAAS interacts with a wide ecosystem of application development partners and provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of video analytics in the market.

Scalability, reliability Functionality. use simplicity Security.

All of these issues should be taken into account when using a network system that combines sight, sound, and analytics. Working with a companies who will support you not just during installation but long after is essential.

Where do I begin, then?

It's one thing to be impressed by the many features that analytics and machine learning offer. Yet using analytics for your benefit is a another matter.

The best thing for customers to do, is to start asking themselves, "What do they want to happen?" "Analytics can be proactive, we know that. We know they can help with business intelligence. What then are they attempting to achieve?

It's crucial to find creative methods to think outside the box in order to uncover smarter solutions and fresh commercial ventures—something that analytics and machine learning make entirely viable.

There are so many companies who haven’t thought about how to use analytics to solve their organization’s challenges. They only consider security and monitoring. Yet analytics can also have a huge impact on a company's many diverse aspects. It's crucial to explore how a camera could benefit other organizational divisions in addition to merely installing one.

If you're unsure of whether to start by considering analytics or the kind of camera or audio options you require, remember that either approach is a possibility. If the network camera is already installed, engage with the manufacturer or your integrator to add the appropriate application. But if you’re just starting to think about how network solutions can help, also consider how analytics fits into the equation.

Analytics—they exist right now, not in the future.

Even though analytics are not new, we are now witnessing how technological advancements are making analytics more useful outside of security. Analytics are being used in a variety of industry sectors, some of which we've already mentioned, and in surprisingly resourceful ways to add value across an organization. This usage will only increase as people become more accustomed to and at ease using the technology.

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