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Risk Based Monitoring

Augmented technique for real-time alerts and tracking of deviation from the fed risk protocol, source of variation and remedial actions and responsibilities of resources managing incident until its resolution. Real-time email notification with precise account of exact incident occurrence and abolishment measures is displayed with a unique code used for tracking its lifecycle through dashboard. Program intelligence escalates the situation and allocates it to the appropriate resource with actionable guidance backed for containment and eradication of emergency with minimal impact which is readily visible to all stakeholders at any given time. Purpose-built incident insights are not only used to accelerate response actions but also locate unknown forewarnings and vulnerabilities to improve security stature & vigorously restore any gaps

Security Operations Command

SOC is built for High Speed Alerts & Quick Security Orchestration Powered by Automation


Ex Officers for Specific Tasks


An expert team from Armed Forces & Ex-Offficers is deployed with intimate knowledge of diverse, complex and dynamic insights and critical challenges each threat can pose. This equips us in making recommendations to manage, mitigate and respond to arising risks due to these events. Each professional is trained in Risk Management, geopolitical events impact, risk parameter and risk exposure for every single aspect of business thereby ensuring effective personals to mitigate risk affect across operations and asset management.


Quality Control

We drive to go beyond expectations while setting up an operational architecture to secure critical assets, locations & resources. Our surveillance operations center is a combination of innovative technologies & risk modules implemented to ensure complete coverage, avoid any blind spots, setting up escalation matrix, institutionalizing performance & vigilance parameters that will keep your security robust and resilient. Our field experts & dedicated investigation teams powered by our master threat dashboard ensuring impeccable service

We have developed a Quality Control (QC) Plan that provides transparency in operations and reporting, coaching and training across all verticles of the company on an ongoing basis. We believe that a vigorous Quality Control Plan dictates standards as the structure built into operations plan thereby reducing error or omission regardless of volume and maintaining quality. We also implement profound quality framework across verticles keeping in mind nonstop operational advancement

Adhering to clients specifications, a customized mix of personals from ex-military and law enforcement as well as guards with avid experience. The threat and potential risks are too pivotal to consider anything less. AlliedRisk staffing service employs an intensive screening for adeptness and reliability. To ensures top quality we impose personality tests, extreme assessments, multiple rounds of analytical interviews, testing of job responsibilities, background verifications & psychometric analysis ensuring full preparedness

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