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Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

Futuristic Investigation Mechanism 

Availability of precise information about security from across your sites, resources and assets & access to area manager in case of emergency

Intelligent Management of all Incidents 

Effective program validating the containment and eradication of incident  With minimal impact and enhanced response time 

Security analysis & Risk Profile 

Reports and statistics to explain data that is captured, variance and correlations used to draw inferences explaining possible threats 

Quick Tracking of Threat & Resolution 

Model that enables you to quickly detect and escalate any event or procedure violation and track its resolution lifecycle through dashboard 

We go beyond what is expected, In devising strategies for expected and unexpected emergencies

Highly Customizable Process Automation 

Transparent evaluation of data pattern, frequencies of exceptions, delays, accountability, competency Or System issues in one panel 

Generate beats in Real time 

Mitigate any possible risk while our sophisticated application that populates location to the resource dashboard

Indicators for Measuring Compliance

Get accurate insights on resource deployment, their training scores & security matrix with respect to incident and emergency control 

Enhanced Visibility across all shifts 

Automatic alert at every shift juncture with complete recapitulation of former shift details to fast-track any intervention for risk mitigation 

Stay ahead of the threat curve with tactical structures & technology guided moves

Real time Insights of all resource 

Get a Site-Wide View of all locations in one panel & find out where your resources are at any given time and their field activities 

Automated Access to all Entry & Exit Archives

Ultra-insight on all incoming & outgoing man, material,  machinery statistics within any facility at any given point at the touch of your finger

Personalized Tool for Data Analysis 

Intuitive dashboard made available to empower you to make your own graphical representation of multitude of data captured from our systems  

Strategy Screens for Decision Making

Security leaders in the board room can exercise deployment, multitude of communications & implement action plans in real-time 

We have changed the Security Process Powering you with Modern

AI based Information Representation 

Real-time scrapping of large number of algorithms covering 100% of all data from classified devices on-ground to deliver information

360-degree View of Property Risk Levels 

Receive a RiskScore for each inventory, location and asset empowering stakeholders adopt proactive security measures 

Access to Multi-Level Data 

Minimizing time-to-insight by providing all data stored in individual data-center with prognosis of threat interrogations and gaps in the system  

Digital Validation of  Performance in crisis 

Software validating emergency preparedness, knowledge, alertness of resource at every location & bringing at your finger-tips

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