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A Single-Source
Risk Management & Governance Model for Strategic Business Decisions

Risk Management
As A Practice


All organizations are confronted with progressive risks branching out across activities, products, systems, and processes resulting in losses and damages as a result of human error, insufficient internal protocols, system failures, or external incidents, making the graph extremely volatile. We therefore build structured Risk management practices to focus on identifying, measuring and analyzing those threats to reduce asset, reputation & business opportunity costs.

These practices help organizations in identifying what to prioritize, where to intervene, and when to mitigate risk is critical for simulating risk and developing technologies for risk containment and control. We take delight in developing these frameworks and technologies


What is Delivered

The emergence of sophisticated threats have led to fresh perspectives in security processes by leveraging artificial intelligence, data analytics, new technology and softwares. At Quantal we work on obtaining sound data and risk insights in real-time to equip decision-makers to better respond to events and provide tools for business to be resilient in the face of unavoidable risks, so organizations operate around the clock continually even in adverse natural, economical or political conditions. 

The approach includes mature orchestration of high level data assisted by relevant on-ground intel and values regarding patterns, risk scores and process efficiencies derived from our prognosis software which not only covers data from classified devices but also real-time scrapping of large number of algorithms, record pages, risk screens and individual data. Our risk-Tech software is a careful assembly of algorithms laid to obtain multi-level data captured, end-to-end movement of resources, security matrix of beat plan coverage, incident, emergency control, location intelligent insights with interactive emergency preparedness panel, deviation indicators for a perpetual risk reduction and control

What is Needed

Modernization of corporate world has led to a significant convergence of physical and cybersecurity threats, thus security that once meant mitigation threat including fire, power supply, floods, theft, vandalism of infrastructure, disruption of assets, accidental or intentional errors now also includes loss or corruption of important data, sensitive information, illegal activities in business operations as well as cyber security breaches. It is important to identify and necessitate that businesses challenges and risk management strategies that creates a multidimensional secure environment and provides dynamic framework to minimize disruption and be poised to support to the operations.

Catastrophe Risk modeling needs to have reduction of risk at it's core. At AlliedRisk we are building first global risk platform for security industry that allows decision-makers to stay ahead of the threat curve with tactical structures to eliminate or minimize probable threats


What We Do

We build Risk Management Models to assist businesses and security leaders in building process directions that are more resilient to risk by providing advisory service with accurate reports, threat evasion technology and risk mitigation techniques based on frameworks built after thorough study of risk. Helping businesses optimize critical actions in asset management as well as operations and precise resource allocation via our advanced strategy screens, aided by relevant on-the-ground intelligence and obtaining data values regarding patterns, risk scores, and process efficiencies achieved through our expert planning and guidance


Standardization of Risk-Frameworks for Physical & Digital Security of Tomorrow

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