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risk assessment map

Frameworks We Developed to Implement Sound Risk Management Protocol


Processes Efficiency Mapping

Controlled functioning procedures that govern the business processes are imperative to the success risk reduction, thereby efficiency of each process is measured including machinery, vehicle, raw materials, SOPs, documentations, existing response methodologies etc to develop technology. We utilize sophisticated softwares built by our experts including risk alert tools, security workforce applications, risk reports, risk assessment module, situational awareness tools; which is done by integrating with organization’s existing systems



Intelligently fed dashboard with relevant parameters and thresholds for each category of operation or risk mitigation plan after thorough study conducted by data scientists and risk experts from our team for specific client or the project to quickly determine security matrix insights, get proper account of threats occurrence and abolishment suggestions is made available to our clients to identify and locate unknown forewarnings and vulnerabilities to improve security posture & vigorously restore any gaps



We credit ourselves for personalized technology deployment after a multi layered approach of monitoring exact vulnerabilities and constraints of tech adoption, Understanding the need and staying on top of latest industry-specific developments. Calibrating security to tech we commit to excellence while we design solutions to address risk mitigation, process streamlining and response mechanism for each Industry keeping risk management framework in check & optimizing security modules in real time as and when threat dynamics change



Inherent nature of risk is dynamic therefore there is not one process that works for all organizations or situations, so there is need for continuous improvement while designing a risk management process surrounding environment changes, critical activities & resource maintenance. We evaluate & take action to improve the process eliminating unnecessary or redundant aspects and implement improved in the risk management frameworks at regular intervals. Our process involves transforming current framework to optimize the state of security environment by building focused all year round defense hygiene

Risk Alert

Our Vigilant Risk Alert model detects & delivers real-time notification relevant to client in case of threat to security and operations providing early occurrence discovery to enable key stakeholders to take necessary measures. Our risk alert model easily integrates with clients system & provides real-time alerts for any local threat. Get a simplified solution to staying on top of every relevant piece of updates on various critical or high-impact topics while our risk sensor scraps valuable information & brings it to one dashboard.

SoC for Monitoring Risks

We drive to go beyond expectations while setting up an operations model and architecture to secure critical assets, locations & resources. Our surveillance operations center can knock your socks off with innovative technologies implemented to ensure complete coverage, avoid any blind spots, setting up escalation matrix, institutionalizing performance & vigilance parameters that will keep your security robust and resilient. Our field experts & dedicated investigation teams powered by our master threat dashboard ensures impeccable service

Virtual representation Risk

Intuitive Dashboards are made available to empower CSO's and security leaders with Visual Representations through Individual Data,  Data Lab and Data Analysis. Comprehensive Data-Set Suite is produced as Individual Data for accessing multi-level data captured on-site as well as resources input during operational and risk mitigation process in one library to obtain data generated via TechLab's assorted systems for prognosis of threat interrogations and exact identification of gaps in the system. Our system generates a colossal volume of rich data which is used by our experts and intelligent team to provide site specific security analysis risk profile and productivity strategies . A Systematic Inspection and descriptive analysis of this data in invigorating detail with variance and correlations for contextualizing issues and explaining possible threats is made available through our analysis report

Risk Assessment

Risk classification is a vital aspect of risk management as some risks are unforeseen and accidental while others can be anticipated and planned for. A detailed risk Assessment takes into account factors such as health and safety of all resources, assets & corresponding operations. By considering risk in relation to assets to be protected in conjunction with security measures instituted one can obtain a holistic view of the entire security architecture in real time. Hence a detailed Risk Assessment is undertaken through the lens of myriad of variables including :

  • Geopolitical Analysis

  • Health and safety

  • Organizational Environment

  • Governance

  • Time, Policy & Processes


Risk Reports

After in depth dive into client industry, live operations & business functions, We report & guide with our digital capabilities to better the security systems. A comprehensive report with suggestive measures to execute complex security engagements with accurately tailored strategies and smart operations for the enterprise is made available.

Equipped with bleeding edge technology & a skilled team of data scientists and analysts. We developed a comprehensive risk assessment encompassing all locations, assets, and inventories to provide key stakeholders with a risk score for each inventory, location and asset; Enabling organizations from a reactive to a proactive focus using of data, analytics and visualization

Risk Mitigation Strategy


We lay foundation for a sound security strategy using our feature-rich live tools allowing view of all critical assets, sites, personnel in real-time and streamlined resolution element along with tracking detail on a mobilization tool. Our suggestive emergency matrix & protocols promotes rapid and accurate decision-making with decreased response time. A multi-layered technology enabling improved situational awareness with real-time location & resource information served through dashboard & mail alerts. We have built unparalleled disaster preparedness mechanism & intelligence providing multiple information instantly for any & all operations to enable risk mitigation without delay

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