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Quantal is a multi-specialty asset management firm that providing unique risk mitigation solutions by developing intelligent applications, cutting-edge technology and the implementation of regulatory frameworks

Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce new technologies & applications to help our clients enhance quality of operations, implement risk-mitigation practices & evade threat using futuristic security mechanisms

We work with complex security ecosystem & help organizations configure, optimize & adopt risk-intelligent technologies

We provide an all-in-one mechanism with enhanced physical security & ground-breaking intelligent purpose-built modules & technologies with continuous monitoring, enhanced visibility & powerful response capabilities giving unparalleled security experience to our clients against current & future threats

Our experience in managing a diverse spectrum of risks & related threats, gives clients a systematic process, tailored strategies & intelligent operations for the enterprise

Our comprehensive solution delivers real-time security visibility & incident response which is developed by influential team of veterans in security sector, data-scientists & industry experts


We provide a full suite of advanced technology that can knock your socks off to ensure complete coverage & in-time risk mitigation to protect your assets, sites & resources

Unified Risk Management & Security Solution

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