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New Launches To Look Forward To From Our Tech-Lab

Adaptive AI

Our AI-based software and Risk-adaptive algorithms will make security proactive in nature, with capabilities to control, permit and restrict resource movement also automate authorization with algorithms suggesting threat or no threat situation. TechLab is transforming physical security industry with induction of artificial intelligence (AI) for early detection, analytics and containment. Implementation of adaptive AI will take real-time data and analysis to deliver instant insights. Detection of deviation determining internal and external threats and take decision to take corrective actions using inbuilt data while remotely alarming key stakeholders. Further Security is not restricted to physical threats, but also digital threats, therefore we will be combining integrated strategies for  businesses to evade cybercrimes and secure digital assets and data

Innovation in risk management being the primal agenda at TechLab, bringing Predictive risk management in security industry is a step into the future of security as we know it. Predictive risk management shall include accounting for all potential threats after intelligent examination of the property, site or asset and  perform risk management activities with the application of advanced mitigation strategies. Ideally containment of nature of risk in itself rather than containment of accident or incident from operational standpoint

Predictive Risk

Real Time Security Architecture

Implementing risk-adaptive security infrastructure is  tremendously influenced factors like size, location, geopolitical environment and degrees of risks involved in the organization’s operational and asset management decisions. Beating the existing approach of studying data patterns, behaviors, experience of past threats, real-time security architecture implements intuitive, integrated mechanism to become aware of newly emerging threats to identify and respond to threats beforehand. This ecosystem leverages real-time monitoring, prioritizes measures basing on risk scores and has built in response abilities to enable a dynamic security architecture outsmarting incidents and attack at any given time without delay

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